Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just some scenery -

I know you all are probably sick of snow - but...(there is a selling tip in here...just hold on a sec!)

So when it looks like this outside, do you really want to have to bundle up and trek to the Post Office with your packages?? I don't. I've been using Paypal shipping and carrier pickup from the PO since May 2008. And I love it. I'm so spoiled. You can do it with any online postage payment service, like or Endicia or the PO's own Clicknship. Paypal works for me cause that's where my spare change normally is so I can pay online, have the carrier come get them and go back to a nice warm room with my book and my tea....... sound good, huh? Try it you'll like it.

Next time - Turbolister,

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