Sunday, October 10, 2010


So, don't you just love the creativity shown by our "artistes!" in the Bling My Bra campaign? So many unique and crazy ideas. Here's one I love!! Now if some local chapter of the RED HAT Society would just let me join, I'd bid...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

So Far Behind...I think I'm first!

So as the title says...I'm so far behind (on blogging, listing and housecleaning..) that I think I'm first.

I just want to give you some easy hints... Facebook (which is passing google for number of users/visitors) and with Facebook, if you want to monetize a Fan page, there is Netcarnation and Payvment.  I'm working on a Payvment page for DepressionGlassWarehouse  and when/if it's every done, functional and open for business, I'll try Netcarnation on my AntiqueDaze fan page  so, come and "like" those pages and then check back periodically to see the results.   MORE in a while.

Randomly inserted picture - but aren't they the crew you'd like to have on your side?

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