Sunday, February 14, 2010

If I needed a reason to eat Girl Scout cookies...

As if I did...not in 57 years. I just love GS Cookies...after all I was a Girl Scout and a Girl Scout leader for 20 years and one day soon I will be again. But I never needed an excuse...Guess what the two little Girl Scouts on my street told me..Take 2 chocolate mint cookies, put a big spoon of vanilla icecream inbetween and make a sandwich out of them.. YUM!

Girl Scout Cookie Video

Saturday, February 6, 2010

So? Can I still sell on eBay or is the game over?

So, can we still make money on eBay or is the game over for us small sellers?

Personally I'm a little pissed at the moment cause an idiot that read the description and didn't ask any questions, gave me a 1 in the DSR for description because " SHE THOUGHT" the item would be a 3 part mold but "seller didn't say in the listing" DUH do you think she could have emailed? Sure she could have but she wasn't smart enough to. So I'm "dinged" and that ding is going to cost me $40 because I will not qualify for the 20% discount in May.

Can I sell anything now that she and another person (who NEVER emailed, just dinged) are through and I'm no longer a Top rated Seller - maybe - we'll see...I know one thing. If this was May 21, I'd be delisting items because I wouldn't be dependent on ebay for my very existence. (another income source will kick in). And I'd wait out the 3 months till my stars disappeared altogether.

eBay keeps saying "educate your buyers" on one hand - like when they don't want to spend the money to do it. But when I try to email them, it's "they are not YOUR buyers, they are "ebay's" buyers. Well eBay Dear, you can't have it both ways. Either I educate them, including to the fact that I sell on my own site. OR you educate them and that includes putting back the interstital page that said you can't leave negative or neutral feed back for 7 days for a powerseller (which I still am). Did you know they took that away?? Well they did and the "seller advocate" washed his hands of it and said, contact ebay. "excuse me? I thought YOU worked there?"

So my answer is a qualified "maybe" we can still sell there. But seriously the game is in the last quarter and there's no one left on eBay's team who can "pitch". Batter UP!

Gee thanks Ms Buyer -

Other than that s

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