Monday, December 14, 2009

A great Promotional Tool

So, a friend was saying he'd bought a digital picture frame and was going to put his feedback in there as a motivational tool to remind himself why he gets up in the morning.  And I thought GREAT IDEA.   Then I thought, dummy why didn't you think of that. LOL

While pondering how to manage it when I can't afford a new digital picture frame, along came and eBay deal of the day.  Have you seen this?? AWESOME DEALS sometimes, and just wonderful ones on the other days but a digital picture frame, 7" for $39.99..ok.

Now I can hear your brain whirling going "WHAT is the BIG DEAL?" Well if you're a crafter, or an artist, you can never carry enough stuff to a show. Even antique people can't really could put pictures of ALLL the options ofyour craft what ever it is in pictures, load them into the frame, pack that and WALA!! a craft show in a picture frame.
Digital Picture Frame

OR as an artist, you could take photos of all your available art work, load those into the picture frame and give it to the gallery to put with your displayed work (don't forget pictures of your business cards, folks)  or put it up and an outdoor are show... or in YOUR gallery during "GALLERY TOURS" which are ever popular this time of year.

A gardener could put up one with pictures of all the stuff available at their home farm stand when setting up at their farmers market place.

A bakery, florist - you see where I"m going with this??? ANYONE can do this.... Digital Picture Frame

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I had noticed for several days that my googlebase feed set up directly thru googlebase wasn't working. (and I have NO faith in ebay's feed) so I was stupified on Monday to hear, on Dave White's eBayandBeyond radioo show on that eBAY has known since June 30th that it was broke. And they are working on it.

Well on the stores board, someone posted a workaround and IT here it is

THIS is a workaround that finally worked today when GoogleBase finally got fixed and caught up I guess. I used a workaround from the ebay stores board. The one XXXX XXXX posted didn't work for me (not for lack of trying - I must have tweaked it 20 times) BUT this came from a UK seller, who wrote a little program to pull the feed from ebay UK, and convert the money to USD and push the feed to Googlebase US . And frankly - if he wants a donation thru Paypal I am willing but he hasn't asked for a thing!!

Go here - follow the directions (then come back to step 2)

Step 2 is to go in and pause your automatic feed on Googlebase (nothing to do with ebay) go to Google, click BASE, click FEED and clicked SCHEDULE - click Pause

NOW go back and get the file that this program GOOGLEUSALL created, and use that for a manual upload.

Wait 24 hrs and pray and YOU too can get this email of a successful upload.

I will wait 24 more hours and do it all again. every day til eBay says THEIR feed is fixed.

BTW - I've had a couple of sails this afternoon. So it does make a difference AND this feed pulled 1142 which is ALL my items Fixed Price and BIN. (and the update today pulled 1100 items which is 400 more than ebay was managing)

Try it you will like it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The eBay Idea of Community died this week

First this:

July 13, 2009 | 10:31AM PST/PT

Lorrie Norrington
Last year, before taking eBay Live! to Chicago, I announced we would be going to Orlando in 2010. Today, I'd like to give you an update on our plans and provide some specifics on how we are evolving the eBay community events.

Today, we are announcing eBay: On Location, a new program that will bring eBay fun, learning and networking to cities around the country in 2010. eBay: On Location will kick off in Orlando in February, replacing the previously announced August date for eBay Live! Many sellers and buyers have told us that although eBay Live! is a terrific way to learn and network, they would enjoy more local events that don't require costly travel. eBay: On Location will provide just that - an easier way for you to come together, learn about eBay from experts and each other, network and, of course, celebrate. Our goal is to provide eBay: On Location within a day's drive for as many sellers and buyers as possible. eBay: On Location will deliver a compelling experience that will be easier on your wallet and require less valuable time away from your eBay business.

Finally, 2010 is another milestone year for eBay: our 15th anniversary. So what better way to celebrate than to throw a party! That's exactly what we'll do, wrapping up eBay: On Location in August with a 15th anniversary family-friendly event in San Jose, our hometown, to celebrate everything we've accomplished together.

We are looking forward to bringing eBay: On Location to a city near you in 2010 and seeing you at our 15th anniversary celebration in San Jose. We are currently planning exact cities and dates following our first event in Orlando in February. So keep an eye on the Announcement Board for further information, and visit to sign up to receive email updates.

All my best,
Lorrie Norrington
President, eBay Marketplaces

Well that wasn't really first. FIRST they took away our email addresses, then our lability to choose WHO we cross-sold with, then our ability to email each other without going thru THEIR stupid message system, then feedback, NOW they took away the birthday party every year. AND so far they've announced 2 venues for the new "regional" ebay onlocation thingees. Wanna bet they go back to Dallas to visit the ebabes? I know several members and I love them to death BUT what about the rest of the country? When are they going to show up in say Minn. ?? or maybe Ohio? or Tenn? or even GOD-FORBID, home state of Penna (we're a big state, they could come anywhere...part is close to Ohio - would make those folks feel more loved. Part is withing a 2 hr train-ride for NY and Delaware and NJ even!! So? So they've never come here. It's like we don't exist. AND NOW???

Now they are going to smoooooosh us into a one-size fits all view item page. I never fit in any of them one-size fits all thingee...NEVER since I was 11 and I'm 61 so don't even try it eBay. I ain't doing it cause it ain't fun!!! (thanks Lee Mirabal ebay radio co-host for the inspiration there!)

I guess I'm off to work on MY SITE where eBay does not rule. check it out - won't take long as I'm way small potatoes at this time. (BUT I have all the same stuff on Bonanzle that I have on Ebay and it's easier to buy and I can take Google Checkout - HA take that Paypal! - buy something - mention this blog post and get 5% off.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bookseller's Roundtable Meets on Tuesday 7-14

We'll be talking book buying for resale and pricing strategies as well as why it's not worth your time to sell a book for under $10, let alone a lot of books at that price point. Come join us, call in and participate or just visit in the chatroom

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camille Beckman Hand Therapy- I love this stuff

A couple of months ago I mentioned trying some hand cream I got from Kathy Simpson of Kat's Kloset. WELL, I just found out that a mutual friend of hers and mine is also selling the same item but in tubs and in a Rosewater scent - which is a very light, delicate floral. SO...if you haven't tried it yet, quick before she's sold out - go to Galleria Gifts and get some. Here's the link.
Now, seriously, here is why I recommend this product. I have VERY VERY VERY VERYVERY dry skin. Sahara Desert dry - Death Valley dry. peels off at a touch dry. Understand? DRY... James Bond only wishs his martini was this dry. And it hurts if I bump my fingers or hand or even my toes. Not just hurts but splits - which takes forever to heal. BUT ...since I started using this Glycerin Therapy, my skin is nowhere near as dry and isn't peeling.

Now I don't know the ingredients but I suspect that the handcreams I'd been using has a certain percentage of alcohol as a liquid, purifier etc. And alcohol, even in handcream, dries. That's why it's great for certain types of things but not for hands. SO, try this, you'll like it and I'm sure it will be wonderful on your skin. (and hurry up and buy the rest of the Rosewater scent cause I got that. I want to try Mango and she won't order us any of that til we use up her stock of Rosewater. LOL)

Monday, July 6, 2009


How alliterate! Vote for Victorino - the Flying Hawaiian needs to go to the all-star game - more imporantly - he deserves to go!! Please vote now! Let's push Shane!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

JEEZ!! I wish I'd thought of these! SwitchFlops

NOW that I made the link work - JEEZ!! I wish I'd thought of these. I lived in flipflops as a kid -the rubber kind - also in college...also the rubber kind (the kind formerly known as "SHOWER SHOES").

THESE are way more elegant. These are like sandals but THESE have one advantage sandals (and for that matter any shoes I ever owned) never had. And that is?

You can dress 'em up and take 'em to the White House ala the US Women's Soccer team (not that they wore Switchflops - they might have but you know I don't know any of them so I couldn't really find out...but? Maybe?) Or you can dress 'em down for a day at the beach or the mall. In fact - pictured here is a Denim blue "strap" from the Switchflops.

These are really just elegant flipflops but the brilliant designer of these figured out how to make them so you can switch the strap across the front. So ONE (1) count 'em, Gentlemen, 1, uno, ONE pair of Switchflops can go MANY places in many disguises! (you know Ladies, most guys HATE that we buy all these shoes..right? I have 3 functional pairs of shoes which at the moment doesn't include ANY dressy shoes and to hear my husband tell it, I'm the second coming of Imelda Marcos). THESE are gonna fool the bejesus out of him. LOL <
So, look at these photos (btw Galleria Gifts knows I stole her photos...and she's ok with that if you'll please go buy something - either straps or the switchflops or a Muffy Vanderbear gift item... HI MELINDA!) More photos below!!

In a minute, in a new blog entry I'll tell you about something else she sells that I love! (yep, this woman has a great eye for buying wonderful merchandise! Make her a favorite and if you listen to the Talkshoe player on the upper right side nav bar, you can hear her on The River The Ranch and the Bay - an internet podcast where she and I and Kat Simpson talk about internet commerce in general and ebay sometimes in great detail! The guests on 7-1-09 were two booksellers with very different approachest to how they sell but lots and lots of info for you!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Packing Glass - my 2 cents

A friend of mine is selling a milkd glass range set in a red metal holder (I'll get you a link momentarily). She doesn't like shipping glass - says it always breaks. So here are the directions I gave her. These basically will work with just about anything fragile you need to ship -

know you hate mailing glass so I'm gonna make a couple of
suggestions before they sell.

1. bubble wrap each one of these individually - with a piece of small
bubble bubblewrap doubled over so the bubbles are inside...and the
piece has to go all the way around 2x.

2. then take the 4 bubblewrapped spice jars and tape their
bubblewrapped selves together in a big lump. BUBBLEWRAP the lump.

3. bubblewrap the metal thingee seperately.

4. Take the box (preferably a 12. x 12. x 12 and Therefore not a free po
box but someother one) and
5. put the packing peanuts in- put cardboard
on top of them to keep the package from working down thrue the peanuts
to the buttom.
6. Put the lump in the middle. put 4 pieces of cardboard
immediately around it
- ( I sometimes cheat by taking a small box and putting the lump inside
that, close, seal and put that in there but if no correctly-sized box is
available, cut the sides out of some poor unsuspecting box).
7. NOW add more peanuts. to about 1" over the lump. put another piece of
cardboard - place the metal lump on top - put more peanuts. if you can fit in
another piece of cardboard so be it. Now close, seal and address the box.

99% survival rate for glass shipped this way.

Heavy things will sink thru packing peanuts. So you either use
cardboard or you put the peanuts in one of those ubiquitous plastic
carryall bags from the grocery store and tie it shut so they can't
escape. Peanuts don't need air or room to squirm around so pack a nice
wad, tie a knot and work it into a nice pad. And use that under your item. AND then do the same thing for over top of it and on each side.

Friday, June 26, 2009

John Lawson's #help ebay Twitter Hash Tag

RSS feed for this query

Have you seen the new Twitter hash tag created by John Lawson aka ColderIce ? That's the link to the feed up there ^ . John blogs at 3poblogs - and does a podcast on Wednesdays on talkshoe radio ( titled BS Walks When Money Talks . John goes out to the edge every week and discusse, sometimes quite animatedly, ALL things ebay and Most things internet sales related. (among other things - he's also a platinum powerseller on ebay and all-round smart man.

Well last week while 160 of eBay's party animals were celebrating eBay Radio's 6th anniversary at a small elegant (?) party at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas - John was hard at work. He dreamed up (had a night mare?) this hashtag to make CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions to eBay execs. So go tweet your ideas with the #HelpEBay hash tag. Let's see if they read it, act on any of them or just continue to drive us over the edge of the earth with STUPID ideas of their own. Ok, politicially correct and also more diplomatic version - with "not very well thought out" ideas of their own.

Beth - Be part of the answer or YOU are part of the problem.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Postage, Shipping Insurance and trivia

I've heard the complaints from Postal Employees this week - the local post office is cutting back (this is not the one that delivers to my house - more about them in a minute) this is the one we go to when we have to mail First Class International and where we have a mail box.

The post office that delivers to our house is cutting 9 routes. My mail man expects to get a lot more houses/businesses to deliver. He's worried.

Ok, WHAT exactly was the Post OFFICE management expecting? The economy stinks. Sales online have dropped (in my case 50% on ebay or more) and every other seller I know says pretty much the same thing. Even big retailers and etailers are complaining. So of course mail volume is down.

And the Postal Service management's brilliant response to the shortfall and declining economy was ???

"Let's raise the rates".

That works, fellas and girls! NOT!

Personally I can't wait for GOIP...I see your quizzical looks. You've heard of VOIP? Voice over Internet Protocols? meaning phone calls on the internet??? Sames lines as your cable or DSL internet access? Well I'm hoping for something like the "transporter" on the Star Trek ship, Enterprise - GOIP - Glass over IP. put the depression glass piece on the computer...push a button and it shows up at the customer's house.

Meanwhile, to the PO I say:

1. QUIT breaking my stuff - yes I insure it (I double insure fragile stuff - once with the PO and then again with Shipsurance thru my account with them - Need shipping insurance? See them - Tell them I sent you -

2. Stop raising Rates just because you can. A letter at 44 cents is eminently reasonable. Raising Delivery Confirmation (from $.65 to $.70 for Priority mail and from $.65 to $.80 for everything else and Signature Confirmation (from $1.75 to $2.35? why) is ridiculous. Why? You're not scanning it except at the beginning and end. WHAT exactly am I getting for that increase?

3. Bring back surface transport for international shipping. The merchant fleet needs business too and it's cheaper - and folks liked it. Plus the FCI limit of 4 lbs and 36 inches? That don't work for me, babe.

4. MAKE Paypal and eBay offer First Class International shipping on their label systems or cut their access off altogether. They say you won't let them offer it and I've been told repeated by Postal Officials that that is just not true that it is in fact their decision. *if something is not true, it's a ? ____________

Lack of access to that type of label/postage is a major factor in many small sellers decision to not ship internationally. Lack of business cross-border is going to end up being one of eBay's excuses for eliminating us small sellers. (you heard it here first...wait til next year as the 76'ers keeps telling us Phila. fans)

Please realize. I respect the amazing United States Post Office and most of it's employees.
I support the PO as best I can. But I'm tired of the price increases combined with the lousy handling of my packages. Tell the Post Office "soccer" team to knock off drop-kicking FRAGILE items, clearly marked FRAGILE across the back room every Monday morning.

13 damage claims in one 14 month period were more than I could stand. So - I'm now a UPS customer til the PO gets over itself.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well ! I was going to complain about eBay's new Fakes policy

But the thought of me ranting here, must have scared the bejesus out of they changed their minds and rescinded their stupid new policy to institute a "slightly less stupid new" policy.

HERE's what they said:

On May 15, eBay will be releasing a revised user agreement. This revision will address the obligations of buyers and sellers in transactions where a buyer has alleged receipt of a counterfeit item.
Under the revised agreement:
Buyers and sellers shall work in good faith during the resolution process to determine that the item is not counterfeit.
If buyer and seller cannot determine that the item is not counterfeit, buyers are required to send the item back to the seller. Cost of return shipping will be paid by the buyer or eBay, unless both buyer and seller have agreed otherwise.
Covered claims that meet the conditions and are not excluded will count as a violation by the seller of our prohibited and infringing items policy.
If eBay determines the buyer is not acting in good faith, eBay may restrict or eliminate their ability to return items or make future claims.
Sellers shall not list, advertise, or cause that item to appear for sale, barter or trade, on any eBay Inc. web site or service.
These revisions to the user agreement are being made to:
Provide sellers protections against inaccurate counterfeit claims.
Provide buyers assurances about the authenticity of the item received.
Maintain integrity of the eBay marketplace.
The new User Agreement is effective immediately for new members registering on or after today, and on June 14, 2009, for current members. You don't need to do anything to accept the new User Agreement. If you don't wish to accept it, you can follow these instructions to close your account.
Sincerely, Scott Shipman Senior Counsel eBay Inc.
Link to this announcement Back to top
***Original: Changes to the eBay User Agreement***
May 04, 2009 02:00PM PST/PT

Scott Shipman
As part of the spring 2009 Update, announced on April 14, we introduced new programs that involve some changes to eBay’s User Agreement.
eBay Purchase ProtectionThe biggest change to the agreement is the addition of eBay Resolutions and the new eBay Purchase Protection policy. eBay is now going to run the purchase protection program instead of requiring buyers to go to PayPal. The new User Agreement incorporates the new policy and describes the legal parameters.
As with earlier updates to the User Agreement, we’ve made other minor changes to reflect eBay’s current product and service offerings and industry legal standards. You'll see references to, “eBay site, services and tools” where the old agreement simply reads, “eBay site.” These changes reflect the many new ways you can access eBay’s offerings through other websites, wireless devices, and tools. We’ve also highlighted a few sections of the agreement, based on our interpretation of state regulations.
The new User Agreement is effective immediately for new members registering on or after today, and on June 8, 2009, for current members. You don’t need to do anything to accept the new User Agreement. If you don't wish to accept it, you can follow these instructions to close your account.
Thank you for being a part of the eBay Community.
Sincerely, Scott Shipman Senior Counsel eBay Inc.
Link to this announcement Back to top

OK, so what's my problem?? This paragraph

Covered claims that meet the conditions and are not excluded will count as a violation by the seller of our prohibited and infringing items policy.

Why? Because, they decide to reimburse the buyer - regardless of what I say or what documentation I provide and I can still get a violation. Get enough of those and you're off ebay - for who knows how long. Why doesn't eBay pay for an independent appraisal or examination by an INDEPENDENT, QUALIFED judge/3rd party etc - (like someone from the COACH company for the COACH disputes)

DO YOU TRUST EBAY??? WEll, why should we?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some of eBay's NEW changes -

Ok - there's a lot to digest in eBay's new changes. The one that hit ME in the face first is that they have once again extended the deadline for inplementing a RETURN policy on your listings. They are still saying you can say NO RETURNS - NO HOW - NO WAY but..they don't recommend it. So I have been contemplating MY return policy (I take returns if I screw up the description or misidentify something. I don't like taking returns for "buyers remorse" or "I got it Cheaper at Gary's ( local store's slogan)

And then I read, on this factoid -

Zappos does over $1 billion in annual sales, one-third of which is returned.

Now figure this - $1,000,000,000 in sales - 1/3 or which is returned. and that would be ?

10% is $1,000,000 x .33 = $333,333,333 (according to my accounting dept. AND he's younger than my son. (Note to God - DEAR GOD? What did I do wrong?? Can I please be that smart that young next time? LOL)

But seriously if they can make that much money taking that many returns.....WE, the puny small ebay sellers, can find some way to work a return policy out that gives us good karma, don't cha think?

Think on it. (and if you figure one out, please comment. I'd like to hear some alternative ideas).

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I just read this interview with John Donahoe of eBay - (link is further down) and it made me realize that he's a "leader" like my first boss taught us to be leaders. Boss man's favorite quote at the time was "if you want to lead the tribe, you have to be a chief not an indian. The Chief thinks and plans. The indian just runs around shooting arrows and fighting. BE A CHIEF, think".

I think Donahoe does that but I still think he's wrong for eBay. He moves too slow. He knows there's a "decision" gap where the middle management wants to do something but can't get it approved and yet he's not moving quickly to change that. BUT MY STUFF ON EBAY?? My listings, my picture manager etc? THAT he moves on...mostly to make it slower, harder and more expensive. FREE pictures in all my categories, nice. BETTER exposure for my store items? PRICELESS.

John Donahoe Interview in The Herald Tribune

I'd be interested to hear YOUR thoughts.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bumps - Auction Bumps Knockout Auctions

I have, over the last several month learned about a new "marketing" method - it's basically a block of "boxes" placed on a website and you allow people to put their auctions or store listings in one at a time. No Charge!

Well I've used the one on Danna Crawford's bump page on and I found a free sky bump from the bump originator (it's on the sidebar to the right)

Now I found this one on Metzymom's emporium at

Metzy Mom's Emporium
MetzyMom's Emporium

And this one at from Kat's Knockout Block Page

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 4 DSR BLOG TOUR!! Kat Simpson of

I first met Kat about 2 years ago. We shared a yahoo group. Then last summer, I was on a bus at eBay Live with my friend Louise and she introduced me to Kat, who was part of my OBS group. And There was this whoop from the other side of the bus, Ithought the bus driver would run up on the curb! LOL

We have since shared some projects and so interviewing Kat for this one was a piece of cake!
Here is my friend KAT !

1. Where do you sell – please give one link and the corresponding store name or website (any of the venues or your own site!)
I gota pick one? LOL! My own website!


2/.What is your blog topic? The River, the Ranch & The Bay -
Why did you choose that topic to blog about?

Because I think it's time to encourage sellers to take control of their own businesses and use the venues instead of allowing the venues to use them.

2. Where is your favorite place on the internet?

3. Where do you “hang out” on the internet – (i.e. talkshoe radio, the ebay powerseller board etc.)

Talkshoe Radio & Google Chat with my friends

4. How are you “handling” the current economic situation? i.e getting a real job, diversifying, expanding to other venues, contracting and reducing the number of venues?

Expanding out to more venues and really looking at every fee I pay to see if I am gaining VALUE for the COST

5 Where do you see your self being in 3 years? (a millionaire, in Tahita, working harder, retired etc.)

In three years, I hope to have transitioned my business to more 'information' sales and less actual product sales.


Now dear reader, if you look over to the right, you'll notice a "gadget". That is the player for the radio show that Kat does on Talkshoe Radio ( on Wednesday night at 8:08 PM Et. I have the honor to be her co-host and also on the 8:30 eBiz Watercooler on Thursday night. THAT is just a 1/2 hour of fun with friends from the eBay radio chat board.

So come on in and visit with us! and definitely shop Kat's stores. She has lots of nice merchandise!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 3 (Wed) DSR BLOG TOUR! Marshell

I met Marshell (Her name is Mar - SHELL) some place on the internet. I saw her trying to get started selling and figured I knew a few people who would be glad to help her and to meet her because she just had such a great attitude and so do they (my yahoo group members I mean. They're wonderful and so is Marshell). Marshell and the love of her life (her words! ) Jimmy are working and saving to get married and to have a home of their own. This week and next she's packing and scrubbing and getting ready to move as they go from an apartment to a house! SO, as my dad used to say ...with no more ado forthwith

1. Where do you sell – please give one link and the corresponding store name or website (any of the venues or your own site!) Jimmyand Marshell on Bonanzle

2/. Where is your blog? What do you typically blog about? Topic is Ways to make money at home and online. Why did you choose that topic to blog about? For obvious reasons! Folks need help through all the crap found online today, and I intend to help in what ever way I can. I know what it's like to be lost, I was there!

2. Where is your favorite place on the Internet? Every one needs a list to send to. This is a neat little community of like minded folks who enjoy each others company, and read each others emails. It's free, and my list is now at 5084 subscribers in just 4 weeks!

3. Where do you “hang out” on the Internet – (i.e. talkshoe radio, the ebay powerseller board etc.) As you can see, it is Super list Explode; like I said, it is a great place to meet and greet! Of course, I also love my friends on our Online Business Success Group.

AND that is just a quick glimpse of our Marshell - BTW she also

4. How are you “handling” the current economic situation? i.e getting a real job, diversifying, expanding to other venues, contracting and reducing the number of venues?

I began by taking inventory of all I knew how to do...then I started doing it. I have things listed on Bonanzle, and, since we still have an account on eBay, I MAY list on there again. However, collectibles are not moving as well as before, so I am moving into affiliate circles. I am an affiliate for "The Baby Newspaper" , a great in-home business you can do in your spare time. Use my affiliate link to check it out -">Baby Newspaper! mention one.

5 Where do you see your self being in 3 years? (a millionaire, in Tahiti, working harder, retired etc.)
I have faith in myself and Jimmy that we WILL be in our own home in the country, not in this cramped apartment. I believe we will be comfortably off, and be doing the things we want to; the things we enjoy. I would love to buy the program and actually sell the Baby Newspapers, instead of just being an affiliate; and Jimmy wants to junk full time.

DSR Blog Tour Day 2 Cindy Shebley

Ok, so I'm a little behind (what else is new?) and this should have been up last night...This is Day 2 of the DSR BLOG TOUR! And today's victim...errrr GUEST!! is Cindy Shebley of and Cindy is an amazing Rock Star from the OSIRockstars!

I first heard Cindy about a year ago...maybe 18 mos when she gave a webinar for eBay sellers about Photography and several times since I've had the pleasure of being on webinars where she either instructed or assisted Janelle Elms in instructing on a variety of topics. She's talked about photography but also about Amazon, about Vendio and about getting your googlebase feed to work from your ebay store. In fact she did a great Youtube video that makes it simple as pie to follow and set it up! (so if your isn't working? go here and check it out! UH..but wait til you finish reading this interview!)

1. Where do you sell – please give one link and the corresponding store name or website (any of the venues or your own site!)
eBay –
Bonanzle -
Amazon –


Websellers – - This is her newest project!

2/. Where do you blog? Why did you choose that topic to blog about?
The blog started as a way to talk about eBay trends and happenings.

2. Where is your favorite place on the internet?
a. Humm, my favorite place? Well, I guess that would be Flickr – the photo sharing site….. but really, I have so many favorite places, there’s so much happening on the web right now.

3. Where do you “hang out” on the internet – (i.e. talkshoe radio, the ebay powerseller board etc.)
a. I love hanging out on the yahoo group called Onlinebusinesssuccess – it’s a very active group full of knowledgeable sellers lead by our own Beth Cherkowsky.( BLUSHING HERE!)Everyone who sells on the web should join!

4. How are you “handling” the current economic situation? i.e getting a real job, diversifying, expanding to other venues, contracting and reducing the number of venues?

a. A couple of the colleges I teach at have reduced classes and I’ve lost a few teaching gigs – but the flip side of that is I’ve had more time to catch up with my online listings. I’m focusing my energies on teaching online and looking at more automation tools to help me grow without having to hire an assistant just yet.

5 Where do you see your self being in 3 years? (a millionaire, in Tahita, working harder, retired etc.)
In three years? Good question. I plan on having as many of my systems automated as possible so I can spend more time traveling, taking photographs and playing with my puppies. While I don’t expect to really work fewer hours, just don’t want to be as tied down to my office as I am right now. I want to be able to really take advantage of the ‘Internet lifestyle.’

And THAT is why we love Cindy. You should also know she's a very sharing person and has jumped in to help all of us on this tour with answers when she has been able to. And if you haven't checked out Webseller Circle? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! QUICK GO NOW!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Virtual Blog Tour - Dar Sayre The Glass Guru of

Today's Blog Tour Stop is to visit with Dar Sayre who has just premiered as the "GLASS GURU" of the Talkshoe Radio program - THE RIVER THE RANCH AND THE BAY - The show on Wednesday nights will feature a regular report from Dar on vintage glass and she's also agreed to help identify peices for listeners who forward pictures.

Full Disclosure - I'm the cohost of that show and Dar's friend for about 3-4 years. If you look at the right nav bar there's a gadget to listen to her on her first appearance on the show.

Dar sells on eBay and Bonanzle primarily although she does have a small presence on Amazon and soon a presence on Etsy for her hand-crochetted bikini's and sun tops!.

So Dar, Where do you sell?

And her eBay store is

Do you have a blog and what is it about?

2. I was told to blog about vintage glass...LOL, it started from my interview on the radio show -

What is your favorite place to hang out on the internet?
3.I dont have a favorite place to hang out on the takes up too much of my time.

4. How are you “handling” the current economic situation? i.e getting a real job, diversifying, expanding to other venues, contracting and reducing the number of venues?

I am handling the economy as I always have. I just keep listing...and hope its something folks will want to buy...for me, the economy hasnt had anything to do with it. My selling all types of items and on several venues happened a few years ago.

5 Where do you see your self being in 3 years? (a millionaire, in Tahita, working harder, retired etc.)

I dont know where I will be in 3 yrs..Tahiti sounded good tho!(ANY beach)

And that concludes our visit for today with DarSayre of

Join us on Wednesday night at 8:08 PM ET on talkshoe for more glass info from the Glass Guru

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Blog Tour Visit - I think Cindy Shebley of Webseller's Circle is up next!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why are eBayers better at Twitter??

I’m not using it as much as I could/should but it is a hoot to read!
Watch the most verbose people we know try to get a coherent thought into 140 spaces. LOL.

WE ebayers had training 'cause we had to do ebay titles in 55 spaces and feedback in 80. Cripes, 140 spaces is practically a novel! LOL

Tweet this!!

Get in motion. Move forward. Take a step & then take another




5. Blog:

Need shipping insurance? Try my friends at shipsurance, you'll like them.

6. - Follow me to Success at OSI Rockstars!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dar - The Glass Guru strikes again!

Ok, like I said, Dar and I have been "talking" glass for several years. So since, I couldn't identify them, I sent her this picture

and asked for her help and...this very next morning she tells me they are Imperial! (well she said she was leaning towards Imperial). So I decided to flip through Hazel Marie Weatherman's Colored Glassware of the Depression Era 2 - the bible of depression glass even now 20+ years after Weatherman's death - and lo and behold - she's right!!
There they are on the upper right outside corner of page 179 - HAZEN - a 15 piece luncheon set with distinctive squared handles! and a gorgeous spring green color. These are mint and I'm selling them on ebay right now. So come on in to HAZEN and see what they go for! Cause if they don't get bid up, I'm just keeping them. They are so pretty!

This is the "gadget" to listen to Kat & I interview Dar Sayre about her glass collecting habit!


On Wednesday night, my co-host and I (Kat Simpson and me, Beth Cherkowsky) had the opportunity to talk for awhile with a friend of mine! Dar Sayre.

Dar and I have been friends for about 3-4 years. We both joined a yahoo group at the same time and we got kicked out of it about 5 months apart. So I started my own yahoo group and Dar joined and now we are back together talking glass. She collects glass like I do, but she collect much more expensive and hard to find glass than I do.

Dar's been collecting for most of her life and she inherited a lot of glass from her grandparents. AND she's selling on ebay and bonanzle and some of it is glass but she's got some other cute things and some really neat antiques! So come along, listen and if you have a question about vintage glassware, you can ask her any Wednesday night because she's going to be a contributing editor now!

Here are her links to her stores on eBay and Bonanzle

ebay seller name is : darsayre

Friday, March 6, 2009

Amazon stores

My least favorite job of all -


IT's that time of year and God help me, I know we need to pay taxes but I hate it. And for those of you who are doing ebay or any online selling venue, here's an article I just read that helps explain are you a "hobby" or a "business" and what to do to move up to the business status so you can claim more deductions.

Check this out!

More later (I promise, I'm going to post more regularly now that MY taxes are done. )

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just some scenery -

I know you all are probably sick of snow - but...(there is a selling tip in here...just hold on a sec!)

So when it looks like this outside, do you really want to have to bundle up and trek to the Post Office with your packages?? I don't. I've been using Paypal shipping and carrier pickup from the PO since May 2008. And I love it. I'm so spoiled. You can do it with any online postage payment service, like or Endicia or the PO's own Clicknship. Paypal works for me cause that's where my spare change normally is so I can pay online, have the carrier come get them and go back to a nice warm room with my book and my tea....... sound good, huh? Try it you'll like it.

Next time - Turbolister,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Step 2 - Pictures

First thing to do is round up whatever I'm taking pictures of and trying to list. Once it's all gathered up, I take and edit my pictures (In my camera software - camera is a Nikkon L110).

For items that need a number of pictures, I put those up on photobucket, which is and then on photobucket you can make slideshows. So if I have an item for which I need 17 pictures, I make them into a slideshow on photobucket. Then Photobucket gives you the HTML code to use inside your listing so your pictures are basically free on ebay instead of costing $.15 ea for nos. 2-10.

Now all the pictures are done and edited. How do I keep track of the pictures? How do I know what picture IMG0005406 is? Here's the list I keep of pictures:

Notice at the top of the page I have the folder number. That's because I have 260+ folders of various pictures. So it sure helps speed things up to be able to go straight to the proper folder. AND this way, I can skip doing particular items, and still find them when I get around to them.

Then, I go into Turbolister or Auctiva and start doing listings. I work my way right down this list.

As I do the listing I mark off each picture/picture group in red.

And then after ech item is listed and the pictures are crossed off, I fold the pages - so I can tell what's done more easily.
If I haven't listed the items that match particular pictures, I will highlight them - right now it's in yellow cause I lost my pink highlighter. But when I get up to the grocery store later....2 pink highlighters are coming home. LOL

And THAT is my picture taking - tracking method. Next time we can talk about Turbolister and Auctiva. Go take a picture. Take a bunch. (oh - notice I got the overhead spiral notebook. THAT is just a personal preference. Makes it easier for me to keep on the desk next to me. )

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Powerseller Methods?

A friend just mentioned that she'd like to "shadow" a powerseller and see what they do, that she doesn't as she feels she's not doing something that would let her move thru the process of listing and selling faster than she does.

So I thought, I can show her in my blog!

And that's what we'll do over the next few weeks.

To start - go look at my ebay store Depression Glass Warehouse and see my items. Then quick, link back and we'll talk

1. I use Turbolister 99% of the time. I do use Auctiva frequently for items with a lot of pictures but primarily I use TL.

2. I talk ALL my pictures first and edit them. I try for no background "interference" so the buyer can see the picture of exactly what they are bidding on.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Suceeding inspite of the economy in 2009

Ok, I'm kind of lucky because I don't have to provide ALL the support from my family. BUT I do have to provide half. The half I used to provide by working 8 - 7 in a corporate office for a totally nasty man. For the three years that I've been fulltime on ebay and other venues, it's not been so much of a problem. For the last 3 months? more so.

That's why, for 2009 I've made some plans and outlined some methods for me to try. Now, my big failing is not in organization. It's more in the consistency of the follow thru. I will follow thru initially but then I get bogged down in the minutae of life and next thing I know, it's December 31st again.

So, my first step was to buy Danna Crawford's Powerselling Mom Calendar. She has a DVD/Cd that's about 30 min in length where she explains how she developed this calendar and how she uses it. So, even at $30 I figured "it can't hurt". So I bought one.

And I love it. It's got nice big blocks for each day to write notes in or schedule things in. And it's go, on the top half where there is usually pretty sunset, a cute kitten or some crazy cartoon, Danna had put some motivational phrases on one side and alist of things that need working on on the right side.

And at the top, linkes for goals. $$ on ebay , Other $$ etc. Dream goals and monthly goals. And in the middle a large open space where can stick post-its or write letters to yourself.

Want one for your ownself? On ebay go to ASKDANNA and nab one!! And if you don't like ebay/paypal I'll post a link down there for Amazon.

I've started mine for 2009. My first goal for this year is $5,000 a month in sales (well that's the "dream goal". I've routinely sold around $3,000 a month for the last 3 years. Sometimes more, sometimes less but normally at least $3,000. So I'm looking to increase my sales by 50% this month. To do that, I need to move some stuff out of the store, put some stuff on ebay that hasn't been listed and encourage people to buy buy buy!

And I'm already looking ahead. You make your money when you buy your merchandise by getting the best price. And right now I'm looking ahead to Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's day. That merchandise needs to be on your website and in your ebay/amazon/bonanzle store 30-45 days ahead of time. So it's time to gear up now for Valentine's day.

Among other things, I have to get better at using the ebay approved "store marketing newsletter.". And that is where I'm off to now. The link to Danna's calendar on Amazon is on the right side on the carousel or it's ASIN number: B001OHV3UO

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