Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 4 DSR BLOG TOUR!! Kat Simpson of

I first met Kat about 2 years ago. We shared a yahoo group. Then last summer, I was on a bus at eBay Live with my friend Louise and she introduced me to Kat, who was part of my OBS group. And There was this whoop from the other side of the bus, Ithought the bus driver would run up on the curb! LOL

We have since shared some projects and so interviewing Kat for this one was a piece of cake!
Here is my friend KAT !

1. Where do you sell – please give one link and the corresponding store name or website (any of the venues or your own site!)
I gota pick one? LOL! My own website!


2/.What is your blog topic? The River, the Ranch & The Bay -
Why did you choose that topic to blog about?

Because I think it's time to encourage sellers to take control of their own businesses and use the venues instead of allowing the venues to use them.

2. Where is your favorite place on the internet?

3. Where do you “hang out” on the internet – (i.e. talkshoe radio, the ebay powerseller board etc.)

Talkshoe Radio & Google Chat with my friends

4. How are you “handling” the current economic situation? i.e getting a real job, diversifying, expanding to other venues, contracting and reducing the number of venues?

Expanding out to more venues and really looking at every fee I pay to see if I am gaining VALUE for the COST

5 Where do you see your self being in 3 years? (a millionaire, in Tahita, working harder, retired etc.)

In three years, I hope to have transitioned my business to more 'information' sales and less actual product sales.


Now dear reader, if you look over to the right, you'll notice a "gadget". That is the player for the radio show that Kat does on Talkshoe Radio ( on Wednesday night at 8:08 PM Et. I have the honor to be her co-host and also on the 8:30 eBiz Watercooler on Thursday night. THAT is just a 1/2 hour of fun with friends from the eBay radio chat board.

So come on in and visit with us! and definitely shop Kat's stores. She has lots of nice merchandise!

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Susan said...

Thanks, Beth, for telling me about the interviews. It's been fun jumping from blog to blog, reading all of them. That's what successful networking is all about!

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