Friday, March 20, 2009


On Wednesday night, my co-host and I (Kat Simpson and me, Beth Cherkowsky) had the opportunity to talk for awhile with a friend of mine! Dar Sayre.

Dar and I have been friends for about 3-4 years. We both joined a yahoo group at the same time and we got kicked out of it about 5 months apart. So I started my own yahoo group and Dar joined and now we are back together talking glass. She collects glass like I do, but she collect much more expensive and hard to find glass than I do.

Dar's been collecting for most of her life and she inherited a lot of glass from her grandparents. AND she's selling on ebay and bonanzle and some of it is glass but she's got some other cute things and some really neat antiques! So come along, listen and if you have a question about vintage glassware, you can ask her any Wednesday night because she's going to be a contributing editor now!

Here are her links to her stores on eBay and Bonanzle

ebay seller name is : darsayre

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