Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DSR Blog Tour Day 2 Cindy Shebley

Ok, so I'm a little behind (what else is new?) and this should have been up last night...This is Day 2 of the DSR BLOG TOUR! And today's victim...errrr GUEST!! is Cindy Shebley of and Cindy is an amazing Rock Star from the OSIRockstars!

I first heard Cindy about a year ago...maybe 18 mos when she gave a webinar for eBay sellers about Photography and several times since I've had the pleasure of being on webinars where she either instructed or assisted Janelle Elms in instructing on a variety of topics. She's talked about photography but also about Amazon, about Vendio and about getting your googlebase feed to work from your ebay store. In fact she did a great Youtube video that makes it simple as pie to follow and set it up! (so if your isn't working? go here and check it out! UH..but wait til you finish reading this interview!)

1. Where do you sell – please give one link and the corresponding store name or website (any of the venues or your own site!)
eBay –
Bonanzle -
Amazon –


Websellers – - This is her newest project!

2/. Where do you blog? Why did you choose that topic to blog about?
The blog started as a way to talk about eBay trends and happenings.

2. Where is your favorite place on the internet?
a. Humm, my favorite place? Well, I guess that would be Flickr – the photo sharing site….. but really, I have so many favorite places, there’s so much happening on the web right now.

3. Where do you “hang out” on the internet – (i.e. talkshoe radio, the ebay powerseller board etc.)
a. I love hanging out on the yahoo group called Onlinebusinesssuccess – it’s a very active group full of knowledgeable sellers lead by our own Beth Cherkowsky.( BLUSHING HERE!)Everyone who sells on the web should join!

4. How are you “handling” the current economic situation? i.e getting a real job, diversifying, expanding to other venues, contracting and reducing the number of venues?

a. A couple of the colleges I teach at have reduced classes and I’ve lost a few teaching gigs – but the flip side of that is I’ve had more time to catch up with my online listings. I’m focusing my energies on teaching online and looking at more automation tools to help me grow without having to hire an assistant just yet.

5 Where do you see your self being in 3 years? (a millionaire, in Tahita, working harder, retired etc.)
In three years? Good question. I plan on having as many of my systems automated as possible so I can spend more time traveling, taking photographs and playing with my puppies. While I don’t expect to really work fewer hours, just don’t want to be as tied down to my office as I am right now. I want to be able to really take advantage of the ‘Internet lifestyle.’

And THAT is why we love Cindy. You should also know she's a very sharing person and has jumped in to help all of us on this tour with answers when she has been able to. And if you haven't checked out Webseller Circle? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! QUICK GO NOW!

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