Monday, March 23, 2009

Virtual Blog Tour - Dar Sayre The Glass Guru of

Today's Blog Tour Stop is to visit with Dar Sayre who has just premiered as the "GLASS GURU" of the Talkshoe Radio program - THE RIVER THE RANCH AND THE BAY - The show on Wednesday nights will feature a regular report from Dar on vintage glass and she's also agreed to help identify peices for listeners who forward pictures.

Full Disclosure - I'm the cohost of that show and Dar's friend for about 3-4 years. If you look at the right nav bar there's a gadget to listen to her on her first appearance on the show.

Dar sells on eBay and Bonanzle primarily although she does have a small presence on Amazon and soon a presence on Etsy for her hand-crochetted bikini's and sun tops!.

So Dar, Where do you sell?

And her eBay store is

Do you have a blog and what is it about?

2. I was told to blog about vintage glass...LOL, it started from my interview on the radio show -

What is your favorite place to hang out on the internet?
3.I dont have a favorite place to hang out on the takes up too much of my time.

4. How are you “handling” the current economic situation? i.e getting a real job, diversifying, expanding to other venues, contracting and reducing the number of venues?

I am handling the economy as I always have. I just keep listing...and hope its something folks will want to buy...for me, the economy hasnt had anything to do with it. My selling all types of items and on several venues happened a few years ago.

5 Where do you see your self being in 3 years? (a millionaire, in Tahita, working harder, retired etc.)

I dont know where I will be in 3 yrs..Tahiti sounded good tho!(ANY beach)

And that concludes our visit for today with DarSayre of

Join us on Wednesday night at 8:08 PM ET on talkshoe for more glass info from the Glass Guru

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Blog Tour Visit - I think Cindy Shebley of Webseller's Circle is up next!

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