Wednesday, March 31, 2010

eBay meets the 21st century!! MOBILE LISTING!!1

Ok that's some hyperbole up there but really - so many things are now on your cell phone, I've had ebay search for years on a OLD OLD Verizon phone. However, Now I hear that:

A) Apple's gonna migrate the I-Phone to Verizon (HURRAH!!)

B) Ebay has an I-Phone selling App. (and one for the classifieds too!) so now I can sell from any where.. Gives a whole new meaning to "I've got a bridge to sell you!". Cause you can take a picture of the bridge and listed it WAY SIMPLE!! This is sooooooooooooooo NEW SCHOOL...not old school... check this out

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where do you sell? WHY there??

Where do you sell?? (SURVEY SAYS...?)
your own website?
Ruby Lane

Well I ask because I sell on several and I'm always wondering how are you doing elsewhere? Here's MY Report card for February 2010

eBay - sales picked up on Jan 20 when I finally got the TRS badge. I deserved it before that but it took a poke in the eye to point out to eBay whomever that I had the volume to be rated on a 3 mos basis NOT a 12 mos basis and if they did that, I'd be TRS. so now I am and sales are upp about 10% - which is ok...but I could use them to be back up to the level of last year which was 50% higher than Dec 2009. - I will be watching closely what's happening March 30th when the store listings roll into search. Hopefully I'll sell out quick and be able to pay a bill and go buy more stuff.

Amazon - I sometimes feel like a red-headed step child there. As a 3p seller and NOT FBA I only get the left over sales. If they are too slow and I've sold something elsewhere and have to cancel a sale...well then I go into "amazon jail" for a month or so. In January I sold 4 things that sold the same day on eBay or Boannzle and so 4 cancellations out of 4 sales...I've been in jail ever since. NOW finally I have 2 sales and I'm feeling the Amazon love again... hopefully it will last this time

Ecrater - I lvoe this site - since day one I sell a couple of items a month -not big money but always something I least expected. I'm tweaking an additional 300 NEWER listings there at the moment so I'm hoping for a sale bump soon

Bonanzle... nothing like a ranch - I sell a couple of items a week there these days - nothing big or expensive but hey someone has to buy circus posters and post cards.. And the Bonanzle folks do. doing some tweaking there too....

IOffer - I quit. I can't stand being nagged to sign in when NOTHING has happend in 4 mos and so I don't sign in for 2 weeks and they nage me every day for another two weeks..DONE! OVER - OUT!!

My website - ANTIQUEDAZE is small but growing. Still waiting for my first sale but since I only started in January putting things up and I only have like 40 up there... I'll be patient a long time for this one. I waste more on eBay fees than this whole thing costs me for a year.

And you?? where are you selling?? I'd love to hear and if you really want to be a guest blogger and link to yourself etc...? email me at send me a post and I'll post your blog topic right here about YOUR website...and what you sell

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