Saturday, January 24, 2009

Step 2 - Pictures

First thing to do is round up whatever I'm taking pictures of and trying to list. Once it's all gathered up, I take and edit my pictures (In my camera software - camera is a Nikkon L110).

For items that need a number of pictures, I put those up on photobucket, which is and then on photobucket you can make slideshows. So if I have an item for which I need 17 pictures, I make them into a slideshow on photobucket. Then Photobucket gives you the HTML code to use inside your listing so your pictures are basically free on ebay instead of costing $.15 ea for nos. 2-10.

Now all the pictures are done and edited. How do I keep track of the pictures? How do I know what picture IMG0005406 is? Here's the list I keep of pictures:

Notice at the top of the page I have the folder number. That's because I have 260+ folders of various pictures. So it sure helps speed things up to be able to go straight to the proper folder. AND this way, I can skip doing particular items, and still find them when I get around to them.

Then, I go into Turbolister or Auctiva and start doing listings. I work my way right down this list.

As I do the listing I mark off each picture/picture group in red.

And then after ech item is listed and the pictures are crossed off, I fold the pages - so I can tell what's done more easily.
If I haven't listed the items that match particular pictures, I will highlight them - right now it's in yellow cause I lost my pink highlighter. But when I get up to the grocery store later....2 pink highlighters are coming home. LOL

And THAT is my picture taking - tracking method. Next time we can talk about Turbolister and Auctiva. Go take a picture. Take a bunch. (oh - notice I got the overhead spiral notebook. THAT is just a personal preference. Makes it easier for me to keep on the desk next to me. )

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Powerseller Methods?

A friend just mentioned that she'd like to "shadow" a powerseller and see what they do, that she doesn't as she feels she's not doing something that would let her move thru the process of listing and selling faster than she does.

So I thought, I can show her in my blog!

And that's what we'll do over the next few weeks.

To start - go look at my ebay store Depression Glass Warehouse and see my items. Then quick, link back and we'll talk

1. I use Turbolister 99% of the time. I do use Auctiva frequently for items with a lot of pictures but primarily I use TL.

2. I talk ALL my pictures first and edit them. I try for no background "interference" so the buyer can see the picture of exactly what they are bidding on.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Suceeding inspite of the economy in 2009

Ok, I'm kind of lucky because I don't have to provide ALL the support from my family. BUT I do have to provide half. The half I used to provide by working 8 - 7 in a corporate office for a totally nasty man. For the three years that I've been fulltime on ebay and other venues, it's not been so much of a problem. For the last 3 months? more so.

That's why, for 2009 I've made some plans and outlined some methods for me to try. Now, my big failing is not in organization. It's more in the consistency of the follow thru. I will follow thru initially but then I get bogged down in the minutae of life and next thing I know, it's December 31st again.

So, my first step was to buy Danna Crawford's Powerselling Mom Calendar. She has a DVD/Cd that's about 30 min in length where she explains how she developed this calendar and how she uses it. So, even at $30 I figured "it can't hurt". So I bought one.

And I love it. It's got nice big blocks for each day to write notes in or schedule things in. And it's go, on the top half where there is usually pretty sunset, a cute kitten or some crazy cartoon, Danna had put some motivational phrases on one side and alist of things that need working on on the right side.

And at the top, linkes for goals. $$ on ebay , Other $$ etc. Dream goals and monthly goals. And in the middle a large open space where can stick post-its or write letters to yourself.

Want one for your ownself? On ebay go to ASKDANNA and nab one!! And if you don't like ebay/paypal I'll post a link down there for Amazon.

I've started mine for 2009. My first goal for this year is $5,000 a month in sales (well that's the "dream goal". I've routinely sold around $3,000 a month for the last 3 years. Sometimes more, sometimes less but normally at least $3,000. So I'm looking to increase my sales by 50% this month. To do that, I need to move some stuff out of the store, put some stuff on ebay that hasn't been listed and encourage people to buy buy buy!

And I'm already looking ahead. You make your money when you buy your merchandise by getting the best price. And right now I'm looking ahead to Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's day. That merchandise needs to be on your website and in your ebay/amazon/bonanzle store 30-45 days ahead of time. So it's time to gear up now for Valentine's day.

Among other things, I have to get better at using the ebay approved "store marketing newsletter.". And that is where I'm off to now. The link to Danna's calendar on Amazon is on the right side on the carousel or it's ASIN number: B001OHV3UO

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