Saturday, January 24, 2009

Step 2 - Pictures

First thing to do is round up whatever I'm taking pictures of and trying to list. Once it's all gathered up, I take and edit my pictures (In my camera software - camera is a Nikkon L110).

For items that need a number of pictures, I put those up on photobucket, which is and then on photobucket you can make slideshows. So if I have an item for which I need 17 pictures, I make them into a slideshow on photobucket. Then Photobucket gives you the HTML code to use inside your listing so your pictures are basically free on ebay instead of costing $.15 ea for nos. 2-10.

Now all the pictures are done and edited. How do I keep track of the pictures? How do I know what picture IMG0005406 is? Here's the list I keep of pictures:

Notice at the top of the page I have the folder number. That's because I have 260+ folders of various pictures. So it sure helps speed things up to be able to go straight to the proper folder. AND this way, I can skip doing particular items, and still find them when I get around to them.

Then, I go into Turbolister or Auctiva and start doing listings. I work my way right down this list.

As I do the listing I mark off each picture/picture group in red.

And then after ech item is listed and the pictures are crossed off, I fold the pages - so I can tell what's done more easily.
If I haven't listed the items that match particular pictures, I will highlight them - right now it's in yellow cause I lost my pink highlighter. But when I get up to the grocery store later....2 pink highlighters are coming home. LOL

And THAT is my picture taking - tracking method. Next time we can talk about Turbolister and Auctiva. Go take a picture. Take a bunch. (oh - notice I got the overhead spiral notebook. THAT is just a personal preference. Makes it easier for me to keep on the desk next to me. )

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