Friday, March 20, 2009

Dar - The Glass Guru strikes again!

Ok, like I said, Dar and I have been "talking" glass for several years. So since, I couldn't identify them, I sent her this picture

and asked for her help and...this very next morning she tells me they are Imperial! (well she said she was leaning towards Imperial). So I decided to flip through Hazel Marie Weatherman's Colored Glassware of the Depression Era 2 - the bible of depression glass even now 20+ years after Weatherman's death - and lo and behold - she's right!!
There they are on the upper right outside corner of page 179 - HAZEN - a 15 piece luncheon set with distinctive squared handles! and a gorgeous spring green color. These are mint and I'm selling them on ebay right now. So come on in to HAZEN and see what they go for! Cause if they don't get bid up, I'm just keeping them. They are so pretty!

This is the "gadget" to listen to Kat & I interview Dar Sayre about her glass collecting habit!

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