Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 3 (Wed) DSR BLOG TOUR! Marshell

I met Marshell (Her name is Mar - SHELL) some place on the internet. I saw her trying to get started selling and figured I knew a few people who would be glad to help her and to meet her because she just had such a great attitude and so do they (my yahoo group members I mean. They're wonderful and so is Marshell). Marshell and the love of her life (her words! ) Jimmy are working and saving to get married and to have a home of their own. This week and next she's packing and scrubbing and getting ready to move as they go from an apartment to a house! SO, as my dad used to say ...with no more ado forthwith

1. Where do you sell – please give one link and the corresponding store name or website (any of the venues or your own site!) Jimmyand Marshell on Bonanzle

2/. Where is your blog? What do you typically blog about? Topic is Ways to make money at home and online. Why did you choose that topic to blog about? For obvious reasons! Folks need help through all the crap found online today, and I intend to help in what ever way I can. I know what it's like to be lost, I was there!

2. Where is your favorite place on the Internet? Every one needs a list to send to. This is a neat little community of like minded folks who enjoy each others company, and read each others emails. It's free, and my list is now at 5084 subscribers in just 4 weeks!

3. Where do you “hang out” on the Internet – (i.e. talkshoe radio, the ebay powerseller board etc.) As you can see, it is Super list Explode; like I said, it is a great place to meet and greet! Of course, I also love my friends on our Online Business Success Group.

AND that is just a quick glimpse of our Marshell - BTW she also

4. How are you “handling” the current economic situation? i.e getting a real job, diversifying, expanding to other venues, contracting and reducing the number of venues?

I began by taking inventory of all I knew how to do...then I started doing it. I have things listed on Bonanzle, and, since we still have an account on eBay, I MAY list on there again. However, collectibles are not moving as well as before, so I am moving into affiliate circles. I am an affiliate for "The Baby Newspaper" , a great in-home business you can do in your spare time. Use my affiliate link to check it out -">Baby Newspaper! mention one.

5 Where do you see your self being in 3 years? (a millionaire, in Tahiti, working harder, retired etc.)
I have faith in myself and Jimmy that we WILL be in our own home in the country, not in this cramped apartment. I believe we will be comfortably off, and be doing the things we want to; the things we enjoy. I would love to buy the program and actually sell the Baby Newspapers, instead of just being an affiliate; and Jimmy wants to junk full time.

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