Friday, April 3, 2009

Bumps - Auction Bumps Knockout Auctions

I have, over the last several month learned about a new "marketing" method - it's basically a block of "boxes" placed on a website and you allow people to put their auctions or store listings in one at a time. No Charge!

Well I've used the one on Danna Crawford's bump page on and I found a free sky bump from the bump originator (it's on the sidebar to the right)

Now I found this one on Metzymom's emporium at

Metzy Mom's Emporium
MetzyMom's Emporium

And this one at from Kat's Knockout Block Page


Kat Simpson said...

Thanks for the mention - FREE is the best price, isn't it!

Danna Crawford said...

Hey Beth. Thanks for doing the AUCTION BUMP with me at . Greatly appreciate it!!! Hugzzz, Danna <>< ..

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