Sunday, April 5, 2009

I just read this interview with John Donahoe of eBay - (link is further down) and it made me realize that he's a "leader" like my first boss taught us to be leaders. Boss man's favorite quote at the time was "if you want to lead the tribe, you have to be a chief not an indian. The Chief thinks and plans. The indian just runs around shooting arrows and fighting. BE A CHIEF, think".

I think Donahoe does that but I still think he's wrong for eBay. He moves too slow. He knows there's a "decision" gap where the middle management wants to do something but can't get it approved and yet he's not moving quickly to change that. BUT MY STUFF ON EBAY?? My listings, my picture manager etc? THAT he moves on...mostly to make it slower, harder and more expensive. FREE pictures in all my categories, nice. BETTER exposure for my store items? PRICELESS.

John Donahoe Interview in The Herald Tribune

I'd be interested to hear YOUR thoughts.

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Kat Simpson said...

Kinda of what I've been thinking for a while. eBay's management team is all CEO/Wall Street types now. Which may be what they need as a company to survive - but they don't know ANYTHING about building an online community :(

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