Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I had noticed for several days that my googlebase feed set up directly thru googlebase wasn't working. (and I have NO faith in ebay's feed) so I was stupified on Monday to hear, on Dave White's eBayandBeyond radioo show on that eBAY has known since June 30th that it was broke. And they are working on it.

Well on the stores board, someone posted a workaround and IT here it is

THIS is a workaround that finally worked today when GoogleBase finally got fixed and caught up I guess. I used a workaround from the ebay stores board. The one XXXX XXXX posted didn't work for me (not for lack of trying - I must have tweaked it 20 times) BUT this came from a UK seller, who wrote a little program to pull the feed from ebay UK, and convert the money to USD and push the feed to Googlebase US . And frankly - if he wants a donation thru Paypal I am willing but he hasn't asked for a thing!!

Go here - follow the directions (then come back to step 2)

Step 2 is to go in and pause your automatic feed on Googlebase (nothing to do with ebay) go to Google, click BASE, click FEED and clicked SCHEDULE - click Pause

NOW go back and get the file that this program GOOGLEUSALL created, and use that for a manual upload.

Wait 24 hrs and pray and YOU too can get this email of a successful upload.

I will wait 24 more hours and do it all again. every day til eBay says THEIR feed is fixed.

BTW - I've had a couple of sails this afternoon. So it does make a difference AND this feed pulled 1142 which is ALL my items Fixed Price and BIN. (and the update today pulled 1100 items which is 400 more than ebay was managing)

Try it you will like it!

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KeithF said...

The price isn't converted to USD in the program. It's obtained directly from the standard feed, the one without the ?fmt=g

A link to donate is there, you have to scroll down to the bottom opf the screen.


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