Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camille Beckman Hand Therapy- I love this stuff

A couple of months ago I mentioned trying some hand cream I got from Kathy Simpson of Kat's Kloset. WELL, I just found out that a mutual friend of hers and mine is also selling the same item but in tubs and in a Rosewater scent - which is a very light, delicate floral. SO...if you haven't tried it yet, quick before she's sold out - go to Galleria Gifts and get some. Here's the link.
Now, seriously, here is why I recommend this product. I have VERY VERY VERY VERYVERY dry skin. Sahara Desert dry - Death Valley dry. peels off at a touch dry. Understand? DRY... James Bond only wishs his martini was this dry. And it hurts if I bump my fingers or hand or even my toes. Not just hurts but splits - which takes forever to heal. BUT ...since I started using this Glycerin Therapy, my skin is nowhere near as dry and isn't peeling.

Now I don't know the ingredients but I suspect that the handcreams I'd been using has a certain percentage of alcohol as a liquid, purifier etc. And alcohol, even in handcream, dries. That's why it's great for certain types of things but not for hands. SO, try this, you'll like it and I'm sure it will be wonderful on your skin. (and hurry up and buy the rest of the Rosewater scent cause I got that. I want to try Mango and she won't order us any of that til we use up her stock of Rosewater. LOL)

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