Thursday, July 2, 2009

JEEZ!! I wish I'd thought of these! SwitchFlops

NOW that I made the link work - JEEZ!! I wish I'd thought of these. I lived in flipflops as a kid -the rubber kind - also in college...also the rubber kind (the kind formerly known as "SHOWER SHOES").

THESE are way more elegant. These are like sandals but THESE have one advantage sandals (and for that matter any shoes I ever owned) never had. And that is?

You can dress 'em up and take 'em to the White House ala the US Women's Soccer team (not that they wore Switchflops - they might have but you know I don't know any of them so I couldn't really find out...but? Maybe?) Or you can dress 'em down for a day at the beach or the mall. In fact - pictured here is a Denim blue "strap" from the Switchflops.

These are really just elegant flipflops but the brilliant designer of these figured out how to make them so you can switch the strap across the front. So ONE (1) count 'em, Gentlemen, 1, uno, ONE pair of Switchflops can go MANY places in many disguises! (you know Ladies, most guys HATE that we buy all these shoes..right? I have 3 functional pairs of shoes which at the moment doesn't include ANY dressy shoes and to hear my husband tell it, I'm the second coming of Imelda Marcos). THESE are gonna fool the bejesus out of him. LOL <
So, look at these photos (btw Galleria Gifts knows I stole her photos...and she's ok with that if you'll please go buy something - either straps or the switchflops or a Muffy Vanderbear gift item... HI MELINDA!) More photos below!!

In a minute, in a new blog entry I'll tell you about something else she sells that I love! (yep, this woman has a great eye for buying wonderful merchandise! Make her a favorite and if you listen to the Talkshoe player on the upper right side nav bar, you can hear her on The River The Ranch and the Bay - an internet podcast where she and I and Kat Simpson talk about internet commerce in general and ebay sometimes in great detail! The guests on 7-1-09 were two booksellers with very different approachest to how they sell but lots and lots of info for you!

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