Saturday, June 27, 2009

Packing Glass - my 2 cents

A friend of mine is selling a milkd glass range set in a red metal holder (I'll get you a link momentarily). She doesn't like shipping glass - says it always breaks. So here are the directions I gave her. These basically will work with just about anything fragile you need to ship -

know you hate mailing glass so I'm gonna make a couple of
suggestions before they sell.

1. bubble wrap each one of these individually - with a piece of small
bubble bubblewrap doubled over so the bubbles are inside...and the
piece has to go all the way around 2x.

2. then take the 4 bubblewrapped spice jars and tape their
bubblewrapped selves together in a big lump. BUBBLEWRAP the lump.

3. bubblewrap the metal thingee seperately.

4. Take the box (preferably a 12. x 12. x 12 and Therefore not a free po
box but someother one) and
5. put the packing peanuts in- put cardboard
on top of them to keep the package from working down thrue the peanuts
to the buttom.
6. Put the lump in the middle. put 4 pieces of cardboard
immediately around it
- ( I sometimes cheat by taking a small box and putting the lump inside
that, close, seal and put that in there but if no correctly-sized box is
available, cut the sides out of some poor unsuspecting box).
7. NOW add more peanuts. to about 1" over the lump. put another piece of
cardboard - place the metal lump on top - put more peanuts. if you can fit in
another piece of cardboard so be it. Now close, seal and address the box.

99% survival rate for glass shipped this way.

Heavy things will sink thru packing peanuts. So you either use
cardboard or you put the peanuts in one of those ubiquitous plastic
carryall bags from the grocery store and tie it shut so they can't
escape. Peanuts don't need air or room to squirm around so pack a nice
wad, tie a knot and work it into a nice pad. And use that under your item. AND then do the same thing for over top of it and on each side.

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