Friday, June 26, 2009

John Lawson's #help ebay Twitter Hash Tag

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Have you seen the new Twitter hash tag created by John Lawson aka ColderIce ? That's the link to the feed up there ^ . John blogs at 3poblogs - and does a podcast on Wednesdays on talkshoe radio ( titled BS Walks When Money Talks . John goes out to the edge every week and discusse, sometimes quite animatedly, ALL things ebay and Most things internet sales related. (among other things - he's also a platinum powerseller on ebay and all-round smart man.

Well last week while 160 of eBay's party animals were celebrating eBay Radio's 6th anniversary at a small elegant (?) party at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas - John was hard at work. He dreamed up (had a night mare?) this hashtag to make CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions to eBay execs. So go tweet your ideas with the #HelpEBay hash tag. Let's see if they read it, act on any of them or just continue to drive us over the edge of the earth with STUPID ideas of their own. Ok, politicially correct and also more diplomatic version - with "not very well thought out" ideas of their own.

Beth - Be part of the answer or YOU are part of the problem.


John said...

Thanks Beth, YOU ROCK!

John (ColderICE)

Kat Simpson said...

John Rocks and Beth RULES! :)

Beth Cherkowsky said...

OF COURSE I rule! See, I have the hair doo for it! LOL

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