Sunday, May 24, 2009

Postage, Shipping Insurance and trivia

I've heard the complaints from Postal Employees this week - the local post office is cutting back (this is not the one that delivers to my house - more about them in a minute) this is the one we go to when we have to mail First Class International and where we have a mail box.

The post office that delivers to our house is cutting 9 routes. My mail man expects to get a lot more houses/businesses to deliver. He's worried.

Ok, WHAT exactly was the Post OFFICE management expecting? The economy stinks. Sales online have dropped (in my case 50% on ebay or more) and every other seller I know says pretty much the same thing. Even big retailers and etailers are complaining. So of course mail volume is down.

And the Postal Service management's brilliant response to the shortfall and declining economy was ???

"Let's raise the rates".

That works, fellas and girls! NOT!

Personally I can't wait for GOIP...I see your quizzical looks. You've heard of VOIP? Voice over Internet Protocols? meaning phone calls on the internet??? Sames lines as your cable or DSL internet access? Well I'm hoping for something like the "transporter" on the Star Trek ship, Enterprise - GOIP - Glass over IP. put the depression glass piece on the computer...push a button and it shows up at the customer's house.

Meanwhile, to the PO I say:

1. QUIT breaking my stuff - yes I insure it (I double insure fragile stuff - once with the PO and then again with Shipsurance thru my account with them - Need shipping insurance? See them - Tell them I sent you -

2. Stop raising Rates just because you can. A letter at 44 cents is eminently reasonable. Raising Delivery Confirmation (from $.65 to $.70 for Priority mail and from $.65 to $.80 for everything else and Signature Confirmation (from $1.75 to $2.35? why) is ridiculous. Why? You're not scanning it except at the beginning and end. WHAT exactly am I getting for that increase?

3. Bring back surface transport for international shipping. The merchant fleet needs business too and it's cheaper - and folks liked it. Plus the FCI limit of 4 lbs and 36 inches? That don't work for me, babe.

4. MAKE Paypal and eBay offer First Class International shipping on their label systems or cut their access off altogether. They say you won't let them offer it and I've been told repeated by Postal Officials that that is just not true that it is in fact their decision. *if something is not true, it's a ? ____________

Lack of access to that type of label/postage is a major factor in many small sellers decision to not ship internationally. Lack of business cross-border is going to end up being one of eBay's excuses for eliminating us small sellers. (you heard it here first...wait til next year as the 76'ers keeps telling us Phila. fans)

Please realize. I respect the amazing United States Post Office and most of it's employees.
I support the PO as best I can. But I'm tired of the price increases combined with the lousy handling of my packages. Tell the Post Office "soccer" team to knock off drop-kicking FRAGILE items, clearly marked FRAGILE across the back room every Monday morning.

13 damage claims in one 14 month period were more than I could stand. So - I'm now a UPS customer til the PO gets over itself.

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