Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The eBay Idea of Community died this week

First this:

July 13, 2009 | 10:31AM PST/PT

Lorrie Norrington
Last year, before taking eBay Live! to Chicago, I announced we would be going to Orlando in 2010. Today, I'd like to give you an update on our plans and provide some specifics on how we are evolving the eBay community events.

Today, we are announcing eBay: On Location, a new program that will bring eBay fun, learning and networking to cities around the country in 2010. eBay: On Location will kick off in Orlando in February, replacing the previously announced August date for eBay Live! Many sellers and buyers have told us that although eBay Live! is a terrific way to learn and network, they would enjoy more local events that don't require costly travel. eBay: On Location will provide just that - an easier way for you to come together, learn about eBay from experts and each other, network and, of course, celebrate. Our goal is to provide eBay: On Location within a day's drive for as many sellers and buyers as possible. eBay: On Location will deliver a compelling experience that will be easier on your wallet and require less valuable time away from your eBay business.

Finally, 2010 is another milestone year for eBay: our 15th anniversary. So what better way to celebrate than to throw a party! That's exactly what we'll do, wrapping up eBay: On Location in August with a 15th anniversary family-friendly event in San Jose, our hometown, to celebrate everything we've accomplished together.

We are looking forward to bringing eBay: On Location to a city near you in 2010 and seeing you at our 15th anniversary celebration in San Jose. We are currently planning exact cities and dates following our first event in Orlando in February. So keep an eye on the Announcement Board for further information, and visit to sign up to receive email updates.

All my best,
Lorrie Norrington
President, eBay Marketplaces

Well that wasn't really first. FIRST they took away our email addresses, then our lability to choose WHO we cross-sold with, then our ability to email each other without going thru THEIR stupid message system, then feedback, NOW they took away the birthday party every year. AND so far they've announced 2 venues for the new "regional" ebay onlocation thingees. Wanna bet they go back to Dallas to visit the ebabes? I know several members and I love them to death BUT what about the rest of the country? When are they going to show up in say Minn. ?? or maybe Ohio? or Tenn? or even GOD-FORBID, home state of Penna (we're a big state, they could come anywhere...part is close to Ohio - would make those folks feel more loved. Part is withing a 2 hr train-ride for NY and Delaware and NJ even!! So? So they've never come here. It's like we don't exist. AND NOW???

Now they are going to smoooooosh us into a one-size fits all view item page. I never fit in any of them one-size fits all thingee...NEVER since I was 11 and I'm 61 so don't even try it eBay. I ain't doing it cause it ain't fun!!! (thanks Lee Mirabal ebay radio co-host for the inspiration there!)

I guess I'm off to work on MY SITE where eBay does not rule. check it out - won't take long as I'm way small potatoes at this time. (BUT I have all the same stuff on Bonanzle that I have on Ebay and it's easier to buy and I can take Google Checkout - HA take that Paypal! - buy something - mention this blog post and get 5% off.

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kdmoretti said...

"Ha take that Paypal" You are a Sassy one aren`t you.. I agree I wish they would come closer here to us and throw some kind of Bash on the East Coast so we could join the fun without re mortgaging the house for airfare..

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