Monday, December 14, 2009

A great Promotional Tool

So, a friend was saying he'd bought a digital picture frame and was going to put his feedback in there as a motivational tool to remind himself why he gets up in the morning.  And I thought GREAT IDEA.   Then I thought, dummy why didn't you think of that. LOL

While pondering how to manage it when I can't afford a new digital picture frame, along came and eBay deal of the day.  Have you seen this?? AWESOME DEALS sometimes, and just wonderful ones on the other days but a digital picture frame, 7" for $39.99..ok.

Now I can hear your brain whirling going "WHAT is the BIG DEAL?" Well if you're a crafter, or an artist, you can never carry enough stuff to a show. Even antique people can't really could put pictures of ALLL the options ofyour craft what ever it is in pictures, load them into the frame, pack that and WALA!! a craft show in a picture frame.
Digital Picture Frame

OR as an artist, you could take photos of all your available art work, load those into the picture frame and give it to the gallery to put with your displayed work (don't forget pictures of your business cards, folks)  or put it up and an outdoor are show... or in YOUR gallery during "GALLERY TOURS" which are ever popular this time of year.

A gardener could put up one with pictures of all the stuff available at their home farm stand when setting up at their farmers market place.

A bakery, florist - you see where I"m going with this??? ANYONE can do this.... Digital Picture Frame

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