Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another eBay Faux they ever end?

Have you all seen this at the bottom of the eBay search page? I have no clue how long it’s been since I looked al the way down the search page...maybe 4 months – like when I last went to an auction and was looking for comps...but tonight I’m looking for completed prices on some of the less common books we bought yesterday...and found this:

We found other stuff close to what you're looking for

Now, maybe it’s me but...I can call my “stuff” STUFF but I think ebay should be referring to it as “we found more items” or “we found more selections simliar to what you searched for”

And I know I’m being picky when there are soooo many things wrong on ebay right now...but this one, this just annoys me.

I’m not selling STUFF. Maybe John Donahoe sells "stuff" from his closet or his basement. But I go to estate auctions and buy consignments directly from people liquidating estates and my "stuff" is MERCHANDISE and most of it is too expensive to be STUFF. STUFF comes from the dollar store. I’d like to think my “stuff” could go – a lot of it – on Antique Row on Pine St in Philadelphia.

What about the rest of you? Am I just being petty about this? (Don’t answer that, I know the answer...)


Kat Simpson said...

it's not being petty to want a little stability in a business partner (which is what we should consider eBay) IMO

Susan said...

That's pretty funny, Beth! I agree that I would expect something a bit more professionally worded from eBay. I'm glad people look for stuff on eBay, though, and especially that they look for stuff to sell on eBay since that's the name of my Squidoo lens! I get lots of google hits with various combinations of phrases such as "finding stuff to sell on ebay" (page 1 on google, in fact). I guess John just wants to be a regular guy!

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