Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Every So Often You Need a Sledgehammer

Some times, being patient and kind doesn't cut it.  Sometimes you need to get something done and that is ALWAYS when the software hangs, the garage door won't open or close or some other stupid thing gets stuck.

Ok, I'm not good with garage doors or stupid things but THIS works for the software. 

When USPS Shipping Assistant is open (or any other software) and won't close (lately for me it's IE7) you can right click on the taskbar at the bottom. Bring up TASK MANAGER - click PROCESSES TAB - sort alphabetically and then when you find the offending program, highlight it, and click END PROCESS - and WALA! it's done for!

Now it does say at the bottom, don't do this cause it messes up the software or some other gobbledygook but... I closed AOL that way for about 8 years cause it didn't close out completely on it's own and it sucked up too much in computer "resources" to leave it open. 

I have used it on other software too and some of them NEVER give up without it.  So here's what I say - if you tried everything else and nothing worked?? NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED (or lost either in all likelihood)

You can always reboot and do an uninstall/reinstall if that fails or if it causes the software to fail (if THAT causes the software to fail, I seriously recommend you reconsider your software options immediately)

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