Friday, October 10, 2008

How can an empty blog be "spam"

A couple of friends and I decided to do a soap opera blog - turn our lives, and all the minutae thereof into a soap opera. You know you've had days when every possible thing that can go wrong does? Well so have we...a lot we were gonna make a funny, over-the-top soap opera incorporating the funny, tragic things that have happened to us.

BUT Google, in it's best imitation of eBay's paranoid management locked it before we ever got around to posting one stinkin' syllable.

So guess what? YOU don't get to laugh and cry with us. And when we do find a new venue for it, you'll have to pay to read it. (cause we will still write it but it will be a soap opera!)

BTW - please come check out my ebay listings - cause I definitely will need cash to get that venture off the ground.

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Jimmy and Marshell said...

Wow! It's amazing how things just magically appear, when no content is near!
It's a shame you can not have your soap opera would have been fun!
My life is a soap opera, it would of been great to be able to see it in print.
Marshell from...

Kat Simpson said...

Still waiting to hear when they decide it's real people! sigh . . . Kat the SPAM artist, according to Google.

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