Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've been demoted...can you tell?

Ok, so I'm no longer a TRS - all because a year ago - TWELVE MONTHS ago I got 1 or 2 in Item as Described every month for 3 months in a row  and then a disgruntled buyer who did not follow THE RULES..(my auction terms) gave me ALL ones for everything. So I'm over my quota on 1s and 2's.  If you haven't gotten any? I'd gladly lend you some.   In fact, I'll just donate them outright. Help you self. I have 2 too many in Item as described and 2 too many in shipping costs (cause God knows I overcharge for shipping.. I say that in the confessional every week. BLESS ME FATHER FOR I HAVE SINNED AND CHARGED AWHOLE $2 for HANDLING on items that cost upwards to $400/500. HEAVEN FORFEND!)............ BREATHE BETH - BREATH!

Ok so what is the deal here eBay? - if I sell 1600 items a year I can be reviewed in 3 mos, right? but I've only sold 1156 so I can't be reviewed for a year?? Guess what?? I ain't gonna make it.  In the 2 weeks since you snatched away my incredibly ugly TRS show prize badge, my sales have sunk like a stone. So I won't be here the end of May 2010 let alone in May 2011. 

And I'm guessing that, of the 1156 transactions I had who left feedback, the 1150 who were satisfied (and honest, not thieves or scammers like 2 of the other 6) count for less than 2 thieves and 4 disgruntled customers who didn't like the item they bought, for whatever reason.   So HELLO CUSTOMERS?? YOU don't count. Only the autograph creep and the book idiot who thought a FACISIMILE copy should be a REAL first edition, count. 

Just wanted you to know where YOU stand. Me? I'm an A.S.S. and heading towards the door. (don't believe it? while everyone else is piling 40-60 million MORE listings on ebay, I've reduced my numbers from 1400 to 800 and this week another 200 will go bye-bye. )

OH, and I forgot, I said MS65 in a title for a coin that wasn't graded cause I duplicated a listing and forgot to remove that phrase and THAT keeps me from being a TRS no matter what I do sales-wise for the next year.  Logical? maybe as a short-term punishment, but for 1 offense of it's type, in 13 yrs, it sure seems heavy-handed to me.


Yes I'm pissed. Yes I know it means nothing or less to eBay managment and yes I know I"m dispensible and they will replace me with some Chinese junk vendor or some Bulgarian scam artist (or  a London art dealer selling forgeries)  but I will survive.  I don't know how much longer eBay can.

How many people do you know that have left? I can tell you 245,000 have diversified because THEY joined Bonanzle or Ecrater or Addoway

BTW, did I mention that I used to buy on eBay? From you, and you and you? and you and you over there in the corner too.  So will I continue to buy on eBay? NO ! the shipping dept apparently will but ME?? NO! emphatically

So, if you're looking for fine books, vintage glass, or depression era china, or other "oddball" stuff, come see me at one of those links right there. 


5-6-10 Just an FYI - when I'm pissed and I say things, it doesn't mean I won't do them when I calm down. I'm calm now - 142 listings lighter too.  And 1/2 of those are not ever going back on ebay and the rest ? who knows when.


Kat Simpson said...

From one A.S.S. to another - I hear you :)

mymomsbooks said...

Me too! Never had the pleasure yet to be TRS. Mine is $ amount I'm being punished for. My dsr's are all great, but so what? I'm still A.S.S
Your hanging with the best,Suz

Sushiboofay said...

Breathe Beth, Breathe!!!!!

Bubbadah said...

Well Bonanzle is really starting to pick up, list Beth list!

Ask the eBay Queen said...


I'm so sorry.. Your not an A.S.S. to me :) Great blog post!


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