Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As a followup - to my ASS Status

My sales have now totally tanked.  I'm letting 800 MORE listings expire on eBay
I have 8-10 auctions ending per night and 1200 FP listings until last week.  I am getting 2-3 sales a WEEK - not a day - A WEEK! 

This place is dead and I'm moving on.   I have no more patience for people who tell me to wait.  WAIT?? And how am I paying my bills til eBay fixes the DSR system and the Search System and stops disadvantaging NORMAL sellers in search??

I have no more patience left for John Donohoe and crew.  And if I hear on eBay Radio's chat board one more time that we should be positive, I'm gonna scream.  I'm POSITIVE - SALES THERE SUCK!


Sushiboofay said...

Where are you setting up at? I'm thinking of revamping my Bonanzle store - if I can ever get a minute to work on it!

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Sushiboofay - I'm already at Bonanzle, have an import I need to tweek and to work on some of the formating there. I'm already on eCrater - same thing I have to "tweak" and I've just joined Addoway - I like the look, have to tweak. I am also working hard on - going to try again today to get the google product feed to work. And a facebook fan page thingee I found. should keep me busy for a few days, don't you think? LOL

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