Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 7 - still an A.S.S to eBay

I'm still an ASS and eBay either doesn't get how insulting that designation is or doesn't care or more likely, they meant it? Doncha think?   I mean any other corporation that depended on US and heard us complaining about being designated A.S.S. (which is supposed to stand for Above Standard Seller) but which just sounds denigrating, would have changed it by now.  Above Average Seller or ATR (Almost Top Rated) or "2nd Best"  but eBay took a hard line and says TUFF, you're an ASS and we're not changing it no matter how insulting you all think it is - not in exactly those words but with their indifference and Griff's responses that they just didn't thik it was important. 

So? what is a Girl supposed to do?? Me? I'm ordering this shirt -
Proud to be an ASS

Disclaimer - not my shirt (til I order) and not my listing but I think we all need to show up in San Jose in September or in Chicago next month at the Ebay on Locatiion events wearing these.  There is power in unity, you know? Look what Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King accomplished with Passive Resistance. 

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