Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy...or I will be when I get these!

So I happen to be one of those crazy people who likes to go all out and decorate for things like Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  There's been some slacking off lately but I'm thinking now that I've got 2 whole weeks so I will get the house and front yard decorated for Independence Day.  Why? Because I live here in the USA where I have more freedom and more opportunity that I personally know what to do with. So here's some things I'm ordering (or already ordered)

I like this... it goes with my new 'tude!
And I like this cause I have a small neice who will look adorable in it.
That little cutie and the two great nephews will LOVE playing with these guys...

 Now let's see what else I found or bought or will buy....
I got some of these from a local friend but you can get them here

And I bought this at the fleamarket but I need 3 more (now that I decided to go all out.
I like these candles for the walkway and for the tables in the yard but I also put them on my arents graves and my great grandfather, grandfather and 2 uncles graves because they served in combat. Only one died in combat but several of them were Purple Heart recipients and most of them had some kind of wound. Even my mom was a veteran. 

SO... I also need some entertainment.. music preferably
and this looks perfect

or this? in case it rains

And for now I'm done... (well unless I find something I really,  really can't live without.. I was thinking of the red & blue painter's cap.... ummmmm I'll let you know on that.


Kat Simpson said...

oh, I like to decorate for 4th of July too! Some of these look really cute. I'm thinking of putting stuff out next year on Flag Day and leaving up till after the 4th :)


Beth Cherkowsky said...

I normally do that but my flag was so ratty after all the wind around then that I took it down. Just got a new one this week and will put it up probably tomorrow.

I need a lot of those little 18" flags. Ummmm might have to go buy them.
Depression Glass Warehouse

Sushiboofay said...

Every year I think I will get red, white and blue swags for the front yard. The bushes have grown up so much though - if I did - you would never even see them. :-(

Beth Cherkowsky said...

hang them from the 2nd floor windows? (if you have a 2nd floor?) BTW TARGET has these for like $6.69 or thereabouts this week...just saw the ad last night in my local newspaper

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